Postsecondary Opportunities


“The last two schools I went to were nothing like this. CB helps with FAFSA, they helped me learn what scholarships I’m eligible for. They helped me find what I want to do in life.”

– Tyshon D. | CBCS Student

CBCS knows that all students receiving the support they need can have a successful postsecondary pathway! CBCS Students are exposed to postsecondary options early and often through an annual postsecondary fair organized at the school, trips to colleges, trade schools, and postsecondary employment opportunities. Pictures of our CBCS graduates line the hallways of our school building inspiring our students to learn, graduate and strive for postsecondary success.

Our students take “Beyond CBCS” which is a course that takes an in-depth look at all postsecondary pathway options and focuses on mastering the competencies for postsecondary life. All of our eligible graduates complete and exhibit a Capstone project and work one on one with our Postsecondary Coordinator to prepare for postsecondary success. CBCS also has real world applications for postsecondary options through summer employment with the WorkReady program.

At CBCS, postsecondary opportunities are universal and without judgement. Our team is inclusive of all the postsecondary possibilities that work for our students and we continue to support our alumni throughout their postsecondary journey as we walk beside them in the world. 


Summer Office Hours

6/17/2024 to 7/9/2024:
10:00am - 4:00pm

7/10/2024 to 8/16/2024:
Monday through Thursday: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Friday: 10:00am - 3:00pm