It is with profound sadness that we inform you of the passing of a Founder and Board Member Mark Solomon on September 30,2023.

From the Head of School, Dr. Robbin Smart:

Mark loved the students of C.B.  Community Schools and believed wholeheartedly in C.B.’s mission and vision. As a weekly visitor, Mark was a “real” and valued member of our School Community. On any given day, Mark could be found sitting outside in our urban garden area or in our community room always surrounded by students. His relationship with our students was built on trust and mutual respect.

Mark listened genuinely and intently to our students as they shared the stories of their lives. He enjoyed hearing about our students’ C.B. experiences  and was an expert at inspiring students to envision brighter futures.  Mark had a unique way of making each individual he encountered, whether student or staff, feel special. Accompanied by his beloved dog Cole (the student magnet), Mark’s presence on campus was ever so apparent. When there was a need to find Mark the path was always the same– follow the sound of laughter, look for the trail of dog treats, and breathe deeply of Mark’s love for our community.